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From puzzles to levels, I love the design process the most when developing a game. I really feel like when I design, there is no limit on one's imagination.


I love expressing my creativity through music, art, stories, and game design, but some of my best moments in originality was when I had to fix a problem and succeed with very little resources from situations such as household problems to paper prototyping.


I believe in open communication in a creative environment, and bringing people from different backgrounds to come work together to develop amazing games and more.

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Kelsey Coffman


My MOTTO for game design: When designing games, remember your imagination is limitless and a sense of freedom because anything can become a reality in a game.

Hi, my name is Kelsey Coffman! I'm a game designer and game developer with a curious mind, a love for adventures and a good challenge, and believes teamwork with open communication
is great on getting the creative juices working for game development.

With only motivation, passion, education, and the drive to never give up, I went after my dreams I've had since I was 12 years old to become a game designer and game developer.
I love playing video games with a great story line involved, interactive stories, action-adventure, or open world style (e.g. Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Skyrim, Fallout 4,
Dragon Age Series, Mass Effect Series, The Sims 3, The Wolf Among Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc.
), traveling to new places, trying great food, trying new things at least once,
and spending time with my loved ones.

I have published games such as Séance, Hydden Enigma, and my current game's demo, Tornado Tower, which is out for free on

I love bringing people together from different areas to produce amazing things! My teammates, family, and friends tell me I have a knack for it, but in reality, I just love helping people and working with great, wonderful individuals. I also think diversity and multi-culture, with the approach of open communication, is a great environment to get the best creative ideas. I have used this approach for past games and current games such as Tornado Tower. With Tornado Tower, I was able to rally more people together as new artists, playtesters, a film crew (to help with the trailers) for our game's cause. With Séance, I was able to get a film crew, playtesters, tools, and equipment to help our game's cause by going to people who are majoring from UCSC in those specific areas.

Earlier this year during my Masters program (M.S., Game and Playable Media), I took the time to help another team who were working on a game called Petals Adrift by being their temporary producer (while I was still the producer for Tornado Tower), and I helped them pass their Vertical Slice pitch by helping with any producer tasks they needed to get done and teaching my teammates how to work on a two-person team since I believed they could do it by explaining/showing how crucial communication is on a team.

I've had the opportunity to work with great game developers these past two years and I hope to continue to work with awesome people who are just as passionate and excited to develop a game like me.


San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA



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Twitch Streamer

I started to host Twitch Streams about Tornado Tower's game development every Friday with guest speakers to play the latest updates as we would talk about what has changed in the game. These scheduled Twitch Streams, I would record and post on YouTube/Twitch. I continued to do more Twitch Steams with only myself on the stream showing/explaining the level design and the implementation process I would do for Tornado Tower. These streams were never scheduled and never recorded. Overall, I found it as a great learning experience and so much fun to connect with people through game development and showing the process of level design to people. I love it so much that I'm going to continue to stream for fun. You can check out all the videos and demos on YouTube and Twitch

Tornado Tower's Twitch Stream - 1

Tornado Tower's Twitch Stream - 2

Tornado Tower's Twitch Stream - 3

Tornado Tower's Twitch Stream - 4

Tornado Tower's Twitch Stream - 5

Tornado Tower's Twitch Stream - 6 (KID'S SPECIAL!!!!)

Tornado Tower's Twitch Stream - 7

Project AWESOME Mentor

In 2016, I mentored three young women (the third couldn't attend the hackathon. That's why she's not in the photo) majoring in Computer Science. Twice a week, I would check in on them and teach them the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript for their lessons. Other meetings were me helping them with their homework and networking them with people at Google. During the hackathon, we were the only all-women team to get to round two in the HACK UCSC 2016 with MyGeoCruz, an interactive website that lets UCSC students connect with each other in their classes, know what's happening on campus, show off some of your awesome photography, and where certain "hidden" places are at UCSC.

Groups I'm Active in Currently

SF Bay Area Womxn in Games

I'm one their adminstrators for the group and I run their twitter account @Bawgames

AR VR Women And Allies



Calvin Men

Published January 11, 2015.

UCSC hackathon closes with record participants, success

...Kelsey Coffman, 23, and her team of five looked at ease. Competing in the agricultural technology division, the team developed a smartphone game that puts players in the position of....

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Tim Stephens

Published September 15, 2016.

UC Santa Cruz Student Games Featured At IndieCade Festival

...The nominees for IndieCade awards this year include the UCSC games Séance, Shackle, Bad News, and Threadsteading. Séance is an interactive installation about communicating with the dead....

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Austin Dickson

Published June 25, 2017.

Tornado Tower Puts a Twist on Platforming that Refreshes a Stale Genre

...Kelsey Coffman, producer of Tornado Tower, was an excellent presenter for the game. Unlike a couple other presenters at the event, she knew the game and wasn’t shy about showing it off...

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Dean Clark

Published June 24, 2017.

E3 2017 First Impressions: TORNADO TOWER

...This question is being answered by Dizzy Slugs with their upcoming game Tornado Tower! This platform puzzle game uses the VR set up to place you in the center of an open space...

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Callum Rakestraw

Published July 6, 2017.

From E3 2017: The MIX

...Third-person platformers aren’t usually the first idea to come to mind when talking about VR, but Tornado Tower makes a good case for them. Tornado Tower is set in a cylindrical world. It’s a side-scroller, so the camera is ...

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My Interview with Waypoint's "Masters of Gaming" Episode for the Disney Channel

I was one of the five people interviewed about why I chose game development and how games have shaped my life from a young
age to the present. This interview was taken place during my last few months of being part of UC Santa Cruz's Graduate
Program: Games and Playable Media so some of the interview will talk about Tornado Tower, the VR game I was the producer
and level designer for with my team, Dizzy Slugs. You can see me featured at Time stamp: 1:31-1:36, 1:42-1:55, 2:06-2:23,
3:30-5:12, 8:01-8:12, 8:35-8:45, 10:07-10:26, 11:17-11:26, 11:29-11:31, 12:35-13:01, 13:15-13:21, 13:25-13:30,

Trailer for Waypoint's "Masters of Gaming" Episode for the Disney Channel



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