April 2015

3 Weeks

Kelsey Coffman - Project Lead, Designer, Artist, Writer
Advait Ahir - Writer

DemoCrazy is an educational, card game about teaching players in a fun, competitive way on how politics work in the real world. The game can play up to 2-6 players in one game.

When I designed this concept, I was very interested in politics since I had just moved from a consertive city to a liberal city for college. Even though I am open-minded on learning different perspectives, I was very intrigued on what made people think what are rights and wrongs to represent themselves based on their political parties. On top of that, I kept reading how most people find their congressman/congresswoman and senator to be corrupted, despite if that politician was in their party or not. I started to dig up on what other political parties believe (not just the Democrat and Republican party) and why do people, even if their values do not match Democrat values or Republican values, still choose the Democrat or Republican party to vote? Further more, I wanted to know why so many people didn't want to pay attention to politics or get involved, even when it dealed with laws being passed that would affect them. While finding these answers, the game DemoCrazy was born. I wanted my players to understand the basics of politics and to get them more involved by learning the competitive nature politics can bring. I also wanted to see how players would play as a politician such as would they represent their political party's values or would they become selfish and corrupt and not think about the people they're serving that so many people in real life bring up.



Created by Kelsey Coffman - Copyright 2017