Tornado Tower

June 30, 2017

9 Months - Present

TEAM: Dizzy Slugs
Kelsey Coffman - Producer/Level Designer
Anton Starodub - Creative Director
Rayjo Fu - Technical Director
Anita Wilhelm - Development Director/Level Designer

Tornado Tower is a VR, 3rd Person, Platformer game where you play as two characters: The Adventurer, Zeru, and the Wind Spirit. By using the Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch, the player interacts and experiences a new twist to the classic Platformer genre in a 360 world.

Within this mystical, single-player world, players are encouraged to look around their environment to help see any obstacles, enemies, and puzzles that are up ahead so they may strategize on how to complete the semi-open world levels.

The game is built with the Unreal 4 Engine and played on the Oculus Rift. We use the Oculus Touch Controllers to do both characters' movements: the left controller resembles Zeru's movements (solid; grounded) while the right controller resembles the Wind Spirit's movements (flowy; light).

With how our camera works in the game, anyalytics and playtesting have shown players on a motion sickness/dizziness scale of 0 - 10 (0 meaning no motion sickness/dizziness and 10 meaning extreme motion sickness/dizziness) that majority of players are in the range of 0 - 3 when playing our game. This is a huge success for our game because motion sickness/dizziness is a huge concern in VR developement and most people can only last up to 20-30 minutes. Our players, because of the camera's help, have easily surprised 30 minutes and can play up to 60 minutes feeling completely great.

Tornado Tower has been shown at 2017 E3 The MIX, The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, CA, Google's VR events, 2017 Sammy Showcase, and we have just submitted our demo to 2017 IndieCade and are waiting to hear back from them.

This game and its development came out of the capstone project from the Master's Program, Games and Playable Media, an M.S degree from UC Santa Cruz.


Come download and play the free demo at

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2017 E3 The MIX

2017 Sammy Showcase

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Girl's Day at The Tech 2017

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2017 BIT Awards Nominee for "Best XR Game of the Year"


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